The Campus Store has partnered with textbook publishers to provide more affordable digital course materials to students. eBooks, online homework and assessments are automatically accessed in Canvas on the first day of classes.

Digital course materials are automatically delivered to students through Canvas on the first day of class at a reduced price.
In collaboration with publishers, the Campus Store and professors provide students with materials on the first day of classes, driving engagement, improving academic performance, and saving students a significant amount of money over traditional printed materials.
Auto Access courses will be identified on your personalized booklist after you register for the course. One to two weeks prior to the term start, you will you receive a welcome email with all important information and deadlines.
*Emails are sent to the preferred email address that is established in Banner, so make sure it is accurate and up to date.
Auto Access materials are paid for through an Auto Access Digital Materials charge posted to your student account upon registration. Payment for this charge follows USU's standard tuition/fee policies and deadlines. If you drop the course prior to the add/drop deadline, the fee will be refunded. No refunds are offered after the add/drop deadline.
If you opt-out by the designated deadline, the charge will be reversed and refunded and your access to the materials, including eBooks, tests, quizzes, etc. will be revoked and you will be responsible for the obtaining the materials through your own means.
Digital materials are access through Canvas, additional details will be provided by your instructor.
Email or call 1-800-662-3950