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Textbook Buyback

Books are placed on the Buyback list if:
  • An instructor has requested it for a future semester.
  • It is the correct edition and in good condition.
  • There is a national need for the book if not used on campus.
  • The book is not overstocked from prior semesters.
  • It does not have tear-out pages and is not a workbook.
  • It is not a packet with required 1-time use software.

The Campus Store will purchase used books regardless of where the books were originally purchased. Buyback quantities on an individual title may be limited. Bring your books to buyback as soon as possible. Bring all CDs, books, or other package components to buyback. If it was purchased as a package, it must be bought back as a package. Watch for the posted buyback dates. Buyback for the Campus Store is offered at the end of each semester. Wholesale buyback is available at any time at the Textbook INformation Desk (lower prices given at wholesale buyback). Some classes may be taught on a periodic basis. If your book is not on the current buyback list, it may be placed on a future buyback list.